Competitive Obedience

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Sue Gunson

Sue has grown up around dogs of all shapes and sizes, the first being given to her in 2001 a Collie X New Zealand Huntaway.  Sue decided to try her hand at competition obedience with this bitch and went from pre-beginners to C with her. Since then she has worked one of her other dogs at Championship Class C.
Sue’s aim when teaching is to have both owner and dog stress free and happy making learning and progression enjoyable,  encouraging a forever lasting partnership between them.


Lyn Collins

Lyn’s interest in obedience began when she purchased a rescue Labrador in the 1990’s.  She had always owned dogs but needed help with this rescue so joined a training school and fell in love with the sport of Competitive Obedience. In 1997 Lyn entered her first obedience show and has since then worked three other Collies in this sport.  All Lyn’s dogs have won through to open C and her last two dogs have both qualified to work Championship C. In June 2014 Genie, her third working dog, won a ticket so competed at Crufts in 2015. Lyn believes obedience training builds a fun and tight bond for both dog and owner as correct obedience training is based on trust and commitment.

Lyn and Genie’s Heelwork round at Crufts 2015


Sue Garner

Soon after getting married in 1978, Sue and husband Peter purchased their first ever dog Jessie, a Working Sheepdog.  Sue took her to training classes run by her breeders, Joy and Eddie Pratt.  This was the best possible start for Sue and Jessie, as not only did they understand the breed but were active Obedience judges and had competed for many years.  So after attending Bournemouth Open Obedience Show in 1980 to scoreboard the Beginner dog class, Sue was hooked.  She started to compete with Jessie in 1981.  Since then she had competed regularly up and including Championship C, so far with six working sheepdogs.  Sue also judges all levels of obedience, including at Crufts in 2013. Sue has also been an active Kennel Club representative, 20 years for obedience and now for Rally. The Kennel club adopted Rally in 2013 when the first licensed events were held.  Sue competes in and judges Rally.  She has successfully competed to level 6 with her working sheepdog Abby, gaining her Level 6 Excellent award. Sue started instructing in 1986, assisting more experienced trainers at Winchester City DTC, and has since run classes for pet, competition obedience and rally. She is delighted to introduce Rally to Winchester City Dog Training Club members.

British Animal Honours 2013

British Animal Honours 2013

Nicky working

David Moxon

David has been involved with dog sports from a youngster.  Initially  this was in the show ring with a number of breeds.  He has also competed at Agility, HTM and Obedience. With Disney, David has been in the main arena at Crufts on more than one occasion for HTM, and obtained Agility and Obedience Warrants as well competing  at Championship C class. A great believer in this has to be fun for both handler and dog. Enjoys the challenges that training can bring and often sees that what works for one is not necessarily the answer for the next.

Nicky Maton

Dogs have always been a part of Nicky Maton’s life and her initial pet obedience training was as a school girl with the family Dachshund and Labrador.  Nicky has been training dogs for competition obedience since 1981 and to date has competed with five Working Sheepdogs, three of them qualified and worked Championship C and two achieved three Reserve Tickets between them. Nicky’s goal always, when training or teaching, is for the dogs to enjoy their obedience training and most importantly to have a solid and fun relationship with their handlers.