Everyone appreciates a well-behaved and trained dog.

Those who train their dogs to compete in obedience competitions, take their dog training a step further. An obedience-trained dog goes beyond the usual levels seen for a well mannered pet. The dogs competing at obedience shows are pet dogs first and competition dogs second, but their owners have a desire to train their dogs further and both dog and owner get great enjoyment out of it. The bond with the dog created through training is strong and also offers a great way to meet likeminded people from all over the UK and have a great day out.

At Obedience competitions the dog and its owner (handler) complete a number of exercises in succession with control and precision. The exercises in obedience are; heelwork, recall, retrieves, stay, sendaway, distant control and scent discrimination. An exercise is a series of predetermined movements which the dog must perform in collaboration with the handler. The number and degree of difficulty of exercises performed will depend upon the level at which the dog and handler are competing.

Obedience can be likened to a dressage or gymnastic competition where the athlete aims for the perfect 10 in each exercise; with points lost for untidiness and errors. Obedience is just that. Teams of dog and handler start with full points in each exercise with points deducted for any deviation from the judges’ view of the perfect test.

Obedience shows cater for the full spectrum of people. There are those who work towards the highest awards to those who simply enjoy the social event and training their dog. The advantage of obedience is that one show offers something for everyone, and provides an opportunity for those who may feel they want more to watch and learn from the more experienced and successful dogs and handlers.

Our trainers are Sue Gunson, Sue Garner, David Moxon and Lillian Turner. For more information, contact details are on the Committee page.

Obedience UK is a key resource for everyone interested in Competitive Obedience.

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