Good Citizens Testing Day

The club will be holding a Good Citizens Testing day on 1 March.  This is open to all club members and will be run on the basis that dogs work through the exercises for their proposed test in the morning.  There will be an hour lunch break at 1pm.  Testing will commence at 2pm.

It is necessary to attend in the morning if you want to be tested.  It would not be fair to those who took part in the morning to introduce a new dog to the environment in the afternoon.

You will only be able to be tested for one level on the day and this must be the lowest level that you dog has not previously achieved.  Going straight for Gold is not allowed!

Links to the requirements for each test are on the Good Citizens page.

The cost for the morning training is £5 – each level is likely to take up one hour.

The maximum cost for taking the test in the afternoon will be £5, but we are hoping this may be less, dependant on numbers.

If interested, please email David Moxon at

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