WCDTC – AGM notice:

Notice of Annual General Meeting to be held on Wednesday 22nd March 2017; 7.45pm at Otterbourne Village Hall:
The Annual General Meeting shall be for the following purposes:
1. To receive reports of the Committee, including the annual report and financial accounts for the year just ended.
2. To elect Officers and the remainder of the Committee.
3. To agree any proposed changes to Rules and Regulations of the Club
4. To discuss and vote upon any Resolution duly placed on the Agenda which has previously been advised to the Hon. Secretary.

Nomination for Officers and Committee Members must be made to the Secretary and be proposed and seconded by other members. Existing Officers and Committee Members are entitled to seek re-election at the AGM. Further items for the Agenda, including nominations for the Committee must
be advised to the Hon. Secretary at least fourteen days before the date of the meeting.
Full rules and regulations can be found on the Club’s website https://wcdtc.org/club-information/
Further Papers will be distributed electronically to paid up members at the beginning of March.
Naomi Baggaley

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