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Jagger wins C at Newmarket


Disney qualifies for Ticket at Newbury


Leamington Rally Open Show

Wins for Abby (two) and Zeb for Sue and Pete respectively at Leamington Rally Open Show on 25th May.

Nettle wins First at Plymouth 9th May 2015

  Sue Gunson and Nettle won first at Plymouth DTC on Saturday 9th May in B Bitch.  One more to go before “C” only.  

Oxhey on Saturday 18/04/2015

Results Novice Dog Findon Down DTC 25th April 2015 – 1st 3rd and 4th from Winchester

HTM win for Naomi and Kara at Forest Oak Gloucester CS


Rally win at Midlands Border Collie 6th April 2015

Sue Garner with Abby qualified excellent in both levels 3&4 in Rally on Monday at Midlands Border Collie Club. So far Abby has achieved an excellent qualifier  on every occasion she’s competed. Scores must… Continue reading

2014 Club Awards

At the AGM shields are awarded in various categories to recognise success at various levels  The winners for 2014 were as follows: 

HTM Progress Awards

Well done to Naomi at the HTM progress awards today – Kara got a distinction in HTM and Luka got a distinction for Freestyle.

Crufts 2015

Well done to Lyn and Genie who made a wonderful debut performance at Crufts. They were just out of the rosettes, being placed 7th in the Bitch Obedience Championships.

2015 Andover Match

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Lyn and Jagger were placed in Ticket.


Lyn and Genie won C Bitch on both Saturday and Sunday – well done :).