AGM 2016 – and the trophy winners for 2015 were..

Lyn AGM 2016

Senior Shield – Lyn and Genie for most points in C.

Sue Gunson AGM 2016

Sue Gunson and Tula – Neville Uden Shield for most points in A.

Ally AGM 2016

Junior Shield Allison Holt and Merlin for wins in Novice

Pete AGM 2016

Starter Shield to Pete Bowell and Zeb for wins in Beginners

Sally AGM 2016

Barhi Trophy is an Achievement Award agreed by Trainers, went to Sally and Nellie who won out of Novice during 2015.

Naomi AGM 2016

Performance Shield for wins not in obedience went to Naomi and Kara for HTM wins.