Saturday 28th April – Obedience at Aylesbury and Rally at Ilminster

Members split between two locations this Saturday.  

Obedience at Aylesbury Lyn Collins with Quirky was 5th in Novice and A. Keith with Bess 6th in Beginners. Sally and Nelly – 5th in B. Sue Gunson and Tula – 6th in B.

Rally at Ilminster, Isabel and Floss were third in Level and David with Yogi 5th at Level 4 both with excellent scores.  Also well done to Finuala and Ruby who managed a personal best score of 202 at Level 2 but unfortunately missed out on a rosette.

Quirky with rosettes from Aylesbury

Sally and Nelly – Sue Gunson and Tula

Keith with Bess

Isabel and Floss -with third place rosette

David and Yogi – 5th in the line up for level 4