NW Kent weekend and Somerset 21st and 22nd July – more wins!

Double weekend at NW Kent brought several rosettes for Keith and Sally.  

Saturday – Keith & Bessie were 8th in Beginners whilst  Sally & Nelly were 5th in A Bitch.  This proved to be a warm-up (a pun there given the weather – it was hot!) for Sunday as Keith  & Bessie were 2nd in Introductory and also 2nd in Pre-beginners.  Meanwhile Sally & Nelly won the run-off to achieve their first, 1st in A Bitch, and were also placed 6th in B Bitch.

The whippets also had a busy weekend traveling to Somerset on the Saturday where Dave and Logan were 6th in Introductory and then at NW Kent on the Sunday were 5th in Introductory.

Sally and Nelly – 1st A Bitch at NW Kent
Keith and Bessie – two blue (second) rosettes on Sunday at NW Kent.
Line-up for Introductory at NW Kent. Keith and Bessie second Dave and Logan fifth.
Sally and Nelly – 5th on the Saturday at NW Kent in A Bitch
Keith and Bessie – 8th in Introductory in Beginners on the Saturday at NW Kent
Logan – 6th Introductory at Somerset Obedience.



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